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ICRI members are recognized around the world as companies and individuals that provide the utmost quality in their products and services. It is this recognition that leads prospective customers to you through ICRI services such as our annual Membership Directory "Who's Who in Concrete Repair." ICRI members are very proud of the organization they represent and know their membership brings with it a special camaraderie with the colleagues and high level of responsibility to serve the industry. 

The greatest value to any professional organization is the opportunity to meet others in your industry. The people you meet and build relationships with will be the ones you can call upon when in need and will be the ones who may recommend you as a contact for a potential job. The more involved you are with ICRI member activities, the more likely you are to be called upon by other members for guidance. It is this recognition that will propel you and your company to the forefront of the concrete repair industry. 

ICRI technical and administrative committees develop programs and establish precedent to further the quality of concrete repair. ICRI members vote on everything from the publication of a guideline and development of industry outreach programs to ICRI Project of the Year Award winners, ICRI Fellows or industry outreach strategies. 

All ICRI company and individual members are listed on the national website.  This search enginer breaks down all company member contractors, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers by their specialties and location. It also lists every member by name. 

ICRI members enjoy reduced pricing on many of the products and services ICRI provides. Many companies' memberships pay for themselves through the products and services they purchase throughout the year. The following are some of the things for which members receive discounts: -All ICRI guidelines are free to all members. -All ICRI meetings and conventions. -All ICRI-sponsored workshops, tutorials and symposiums. -Advertising in the Concrete Repair Bulletin. 

ICRI members receive a complimentary subscription to the Concrete Repair Bulletin, the bimonthly publication of ICRI, focused exclusively on the concrete restoration and repair industry. 

ICRI serves as a clearinghouse of information on the concrete restoration and repair industry. Whether you have a technical question or are searching for a specific document, educational program, technical session at a convention or an article in the Concrete Repair Bulletin, ICRI grats you full access to the information you need to improve your knowledge and status in the industry. 

ICRI chapters operate independently with their own leadership and regulations. However, only National ICRI members are eligible to join their local chapter. You can visit the ICRI national website for information on joining the organization and designating the Delaware Valley Chapter as your local chapter.


Visit ICRI National membership page for more membership information. You can also use the links below to view and print a membership application or to apply online. Please feel free to send us an email if you have any membership questions or you may also contact Member Services at the national office.


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